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Your home away from home. Warmly welcoming you to indulge in a delectable spread of international cuisines, in our Dutch-style colonial and French-Renaissance garden inspired interior.

Let us sweep you away from the hustle & bustle of the city, into the comfort of The Living Room, where your best memories are made, where you truly feel the warmth of home.

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If you’re looking for authentic Indonesian-styled roast, Ubud Style “Ayam Betutu” comes packed with aromatic spices, Balinese style! Or pamper yourself with Sei Sapi, with our Striploin smoked in a traditional, slow-cooked manner to ensure flavor permeation for that perfect taste, served with an assortment of different sauces. Complete your meal with our modern interpretation of the sweet glutinous rice balls with the delicious and light Kelepon Mousse Cake!


Grilling meat over charcoal is an art form, trust us, and nothing beats a luxurious slab of Josper Char Grilled Matsusaka Wagyu, with the magnificent marbling causing that melt-in-your-mouth goodness. If you’re looking for some ribs, why not try the Signature Living Room Smoked Beef Ribs, which are so incredibly rich and tasty! If you’re fishing for ideas on what to eat, the Butter Bath Norwegian Salmon is also an indulgent choice that will leave you wanting more!


Seafood pasta lovers, get ready to feast on dishes like the Slipper Lobster & Spinach Ravioli, where every bite brings the creamy bisque into your mouth. For kids or the young at heart looking for a refreshing taste, our Organic Rainbow Pasta Cheesy Aglio e lio definitely tastes as good as it looks and is a must try! If you’re on the hunt for meat-free options, fret not, we also have extremely tasty vegetarian-friendly options, like the Basil Pesto Aglio e Lio Linguini.

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